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Industrial Ergonomics

No project is too big or small.  Whether you are a large corporation or small business owner, we can help you problem solve a specific issue you are having with your work areas.  Worksite Evaluation Services can be combined with Ergonomic Assessments and Solutions to provide a customized Ergonomics program.  We work together with your employees, supervisors and safety representative to provide solutions.


Industrial assessments identify and analyze the physical demands required to perform a specific job and determine the risk factors and hazards that may cause discomfort or injury to employees.  These assessments can be performed for a group of people or an individual.   An objective score for risk is provided using video analysis and tools such as NIOSH equations, RULA, REBA, Strain Index and more.  Discomfort questionnaires are also provided which allows us to determine the areas that are most at risk.    For each risk factor identified, recommendations for improvement are provided in a full report. 


Questions that we often hear in the workplace include:

  1. How heavy is too heavy?

  2. What is the best or proper way to lift something?

  3. Is this job considered ‘repetitive’?

  4. Are there recommended weight limits for material handling (lift/carry/push/pull)?

  5. Are there tools to make the job easier?

  6. What kind of stretches and strengthening exercises can we do to prevent problems?

  7. Are there ways to tell if equipment is ‘ergonomic’?

  8. How do we start to develop an ergonomics program?

Answering your specific question may require on-site analysis, presentations to the workers, or research literature reviews for specific equipment to help answer your question.   For more information on our Education Seminars click here.

Worksite Evaluation Services

If you are a company that is looking to minimize injuries, Worksite Evaluations provide a general overview to  identify areas that are at risk.  A third party opinion is an important tool to help in identifying a starting point for further evaluation, documenting the areas that are at risk, or simply understanding the job demands.  Our goal is to work with you to determine baseline potential for injury risk and develop a plan for further evaluation.  Worksite Evaluation can include the following:


A comprehensive list of job demands is useful to assist in hiring employees, developing return to work plans for injured workers or filling out insurance related forms such as Job Information Worksheets (JIW).  Discussion with workers, safety officers, and supervisors are necessary to fully understand the cognitive and physical demands.  The organization and structure of the job tasks, physical layout, and environmental factors are also considered and a full report is provided.


A statistical comparison of injury and severity rates represents a rational method of identifying areas at risk.  Once identified, the appropriate type of ergonomic intervention can be determined and the costs associated with it can be estimated.  With our statistical background, we can apply a variety of statistical tests to evaluate injuries and provide a presentation or report.  This provides a baseline summary of injuries and guidance for further in-depth evaluation.


Research suggests that employee discomfort is a reliable warning sign of a potential repetitive strain injury.  Our questionnaires take approximately 30 minutes to complete and asks the employees questions regarding areas and severity of discomfort.  Once the questionnaires have been analyzed, we provide you with a baseline score and identify what body parts need to be addressed.  A baseline score is useful when measuring the effectiveness of an ergonomic intervention.  


Ergonomic Assessments & Solutions

In-depth evaluation and recommendations are provided for specific work areas and body parts that have been identified as a concern.  

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