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Office Ergonomics

The overall objective of Office Ergonomics is to optimize the design of the office system for it’s users.  No two people are the same and many of us rely heavily on computers and laptops to help us perform our work.  Whether it’s at the office, at home or on the go, our goal is to fit the task to the person.


This detailed assessment is typically done for individuals who are reporting discomfort, have a specific diagnosis or feel that they are susceptible to further risk.  An in-depth interview and questionnaire are provided to determine specific areas of discomfort, review job demands and body mechanics.  A comprehensive report documenting the history, risk factors and recommendations is provided.  A follow-up visit is included to make modifications as needed.


Working from home often makes an optimal workstation set up challenging as every day furniture is used to create an office environment.  Many people find themselves using their laptops in different rooms of the house, which creates awkward positioning and postures.  With a Home Office Assessment we will review your work tasks and provide optimal solutions for working at home.  You will receive a detailed summary report as well as suggestions for strengthening and stretching exercises.

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