• Ergonomic Accessories for Home

    Working from home can be challenging in terms of setting up your workstation. Finding the right height can be difficult if you’re using a kitchen chair, older desk or laptop screen. The accessories below are not meant to get you set up perfectly, but they may help with getting lumbar support, raising you to a decent working height or just getting a bit more comfortable.

    Lumbar Support/Increase Height – Sit-back Cushion

    This is a versatile cushion because you can use it for sitting to raise your height, or use it as a lumbar support on the back of an old kitchen chair. It’s also lightweight and good for taking to sporting events to avoid sitting on hard bleachers or seats.
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    Laptop Monitor Stand

    There are advantages and disadvantages to using a laptop. They are very versatile and can be used anywhere. However, if you’re using one as your primary monitor at desk, then it is likely too low for you. A laptop monitor stand is a good option if you have an external keyboard and mouse and are staying put in one spot. There are many styles and brands. The one below is basic, inexpensive and adjusts to different heights.
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    Once you’ve raised yourself to a higher level, you may need a footrest if you aren’t able to plant your feet on the floor. The footrest below is one I’ve seen and used multiple times. It’s not fancy but does have adjustable heights and I’ve had good feedback from it. It’s reliable and not too expensive either.
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