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    What equipment is considered to be ‘ergonomic’? Changing the shape of something or using it a certain way doesn’t necessarily mean it is ‘ergonomic’. There really is no criteria to allow us to label something as ergonomic. Sometimes the term is used as a marketing tool to make a product appear safer, other times there is lot of research that goes into creating an optimal way to use an item. 

    Below is a list of products that I have used and/or recommended for clients to use. As you already know, I am not perfect, and there have been times where some of the equipment I’ve used hasn’t worked out as well as I thought. I’ve put together some pros and cons of a few ergonomic products, hopefully to allow you to make a decision when purchasing  ‘ergonomic’ equipment. Please note: I have seen or used all of these items, I would not provide a review of something that I haven’t seen in action or used myself. I also receive a small commission as an affiliate of Amazon.ca for any items you purchase through these links.

    Mouse Products