• Posture Strength for Computer Users

    How important is strengthening?

    A great example of how important strengthening can be is the research study that I referenced one of my posts. Click here to read more about it.

    The researchers had computer users complete a basic strengthening program. And the exercises were not complicated, these were simple dumbbell or theraband movements like lateral raises (flyes), biceps curls or rows. The key with the exercises was doing them the right way and and progressing the weight every week. The videos below are a series of education videos and demonstration of exercises that Jolene Blixt (Clinical Exercise Physiologist) and myself have put together to help get you going on a posture strengthening program.

    In the beginning make 2 sets of each exercise with 12 repetitions. Then increase to 3 sets, and after 4 weeks you can slightly decrease the number of repetitions on the last sets (8-10 repetitions) to be able to increase the weight further. For further instructions and feedback on your exercises and progressions, you can join the Posture Strength Program here. Enjoy!

    Lateral Flyes


    Thoracic Opener

    Lat Pulldown

    One Arm Rows

    Shoulder Rotation

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